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Sensible Viewing

It is designed to give you the fastest workflow possible.


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Stays Where You Leave It

The most frequent used monitor adjustment is tilt-up and tilt-down. We have designed a Monitor Holder which makes this adjustment fast and easy. Now you do not need to loosen and tighten any bolts to tilt up/down your monitor. Thanks to the constant friction system inside the Monitor Holder you can just push the monitor up or down and it stays exactly where you like it.

Attaches On Anywhere

Monitor/EVF holder is designed to go on hotshoe slots. So you are free to remove the Monitor/EVF holder from Modula Rigs and attach it directly on your DSLR or camera.

Speeds Up Your Workflow

You will need only one of your hands to adjust the Monitor/EVF angle, now you can have the old style camcorder experience and switch instantly from on shoulder setup to low handheld setup.

Reaches On Both Sides

Symmetrical design allows the Monitor/EVF holder to be attached in the opposite direction.

Reaches On Both Eyes

The Monitor/EVF holder is designed also for the camera operators who prefer to shoot with their left eyes.

Accepts More Than LCDs

In some cases, it is not just your EVFor monitor you want in your sight.

With edelkrone® monitor/EVF holder you can also attach other accessories such as sound modules underneath your monitor or EVF and have them accessible.

Adjusts To Any Load

You can adjust the counterforce level of the Monitor Holder. This way you can work with any Monitor or EVF regardless of its weight.

Accepts All LCDs

You can attach monitors up to 9” and there is still some room left around. Also fully compatible with all EVFs. It is the first and only Monitor Holder which is designed especially for EVFs.


      Edelkrone Modula MONITOR / EVF HOLDER Review

      by ProCinema Tools



The First Slider That
You Can Actually Fit In Your Life!

  • Travels up to 800mm (2.6ft) on tripod.
  • 3/8 inch connection hole.
  • Up to 8kg (17lbs) carrying capacity.


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Flex-Tilt Head:
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Carry less, Shoot more

  • Pocket Rig is the World's lightest most portable DSLR rig that addresses all the needs of a professional videographer. With the Pocket Rig, you are going to shoot stable and professional videos with minimal effort.


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Wizard of Accessory Attachment

  • Helps changing the gender of 1/4 inch holes.
  • Repositions angles of 1/4 inch holes. Adds hot-shoe feature where needed.
  • Provides wide compatibility and additional mounting options for accessories.
    • Weight: 0,034kg (0.074 Ibs)

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Protection Plan:
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