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edelkrone demo product program, huh?

Yes! We send you demo edelkrone products.



We want you to try out our innovative products.


For free?

For free.


No hidden charges?

No hidden charges.


How about shipping costs?

We take care of all shipping costs including the return shipment. We provide return labels.


How about product insurance?

Anything you get is insured for damages. Just make sure you don’t lose the demo equipment or its parts. They are not insured for getting lost or stolen.


You send any edelkrone product I ask?

Well, not all edelkrone products. Only the ones that you have not purchased or tried yet. Also, new products may run a little longer to become available on the demo catalogue.


What are we waiting for? Send all I can get!

Great to hear that you are excited. Here is how it works: The total value of the demo products you want to try out cannot exceed the total value of the edelkrone products you own.


Ohh. Well, I have a Modula 5.

This means that you can ask for a demo product with a value of $699 or less.


Okay. How long can I keep the demo unit?

It depends on the demand on the equipment. It can be as many as 3 weeks.


I can shoot a video project during this demo period!

You can use the demo equipment anyway you like. If you want to use it in an actual video production, just go for it. It’s the best way to try out an edelkrone, anyway.


So, I can let my friends use it? Travel with it?

Definitely, just make sure to return it back on time. As for the rest, it’s all up to you.


So, where’s the demo program on the website?

Just click on "My Account" link on the top of our website.


I can't see "My Account" link. Why?

You are probably not logged in. Log in to your edelkrone account at www.edelkrone.com. Then click on "My Account" link.


I’ve found the demo products list! I am going try the PocketSKATER and FocusONE!

Sure, but for now we only send 1 demo equipment at a time.


Only one demo product at a time?
Where is the fun in that?

There are only a limited number of demo equipment available and we want as many customers to take advantage of them as possible. That’s why we urge you to prioritize which edelkrone product you want to demo first.


Tell me you ship the demo units right away!

We ship the demo products based on availability and in some cases it may take up to 4 weeks. We will do our best to make it as quick as possible. We are just getting started, so there may be some short delays in the demo shipments due to high demand on certain products.


I kinda like the whole concept of trying products for free. So, I am gonna go ahead and try it!

We are sure you are gonna love the whole experience. We trust our products and we trust you.


What happens if I decide to keep the demo unit?

Well, sadly, all demo units must be returned at the end of the demo period, so we can keep this program running. For this reason, the demo period cannot be extended. The demo products are not available for purchase.


What happens if I lose the demo units,
or if they get stolen?

Well, if I lost something I borrowed from you, I would get you a new one.


Does it say in the terms and conditions?

Yes, the Terms and Conditions cover pretty much what we have talked here only in a more boring fashion. That being said, we strongly advise you to read it.

Do you have any previous edelkrone purchases?