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All Your Focusing Needs in ONE


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    why are they so precise

A new place for the marker disc! Precision at its best!*

Since the marker disk reads directly from the drive gear, this gives an unprecedented amount of precision which is only available on edelkrone's Follow Focuses.

Adjustable marker! No need for a pen to mark your focuses anymore!*

Instead of using a pen and dealing with constant marking and cleaning of the marker disk, with FocusONE Pro, you just reposition and the marker disk! Easier and faster!

Marker faces directly to you!
Easier to view!*

The marker disk faces directly to you. So you get the full picture. You get a much better idea how far your focus mark is and you can design your shots much more in control.

Includes the reverse gear! Works the same on both Canon and Nikon lenses!

FocusONE’s reverse gear is super easy and quick to activate. So you can work the same way with all types of lenses regardless of its focusing direction.

Amazingly adjustable and adaptable!

The design has many joints that you can manipulate freely. Attach the follow focus on both sides of the lens and tilt the control head freely!

Option of adding Lens Gears! Compatible to all DSLR lenses!

Are you using a regular DSLR lens with no teeth on it? No problem. FocusONE Pro has optional lens gears that you can purchase with and make any DSLR lens work smoothly with the FocusONE PRO

Lens Gears are sold separately.

High Quality Materials, Precision Manufacturing! Will be serving you all the way!

All the parts are high quality aluminum and the manufacturing is done 100% by CNC machines. The mechanical components are all chosen and assembled carefully.

Shipping To: US, Canada and Mexico

All prices: US Dollars


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Precision Focusing Solution

  • Can be fitted around any lens.
  • Easy to cut adjust.
  • Universally compatible with the 0.8 pitch gear system standards.

Shipping To: US, Canada, and Mexico

Availability: On Sale

All prices: US Dollars


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Protection Plan:
Please click to learn more about Protection Plan to keep your edelkrone safe.

Carry less, Shoot more

  • Pocket Rig is the World's lightest most portable DSLR rig that addresses all the needs of a professional videographer. With the Pocket Rig, you are going to shoot stable and professional videos with minimal effort.


Shipping To: US, Canada and Mexico

All prices: US Dollars


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* This feature is only available in edelkrone Follow Focus Systems in the World!

Shipping To: US, Canada and Mexico

All prices: US Dollars

*Lens Gears are sold separately.


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